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How to apply GATE Examination 2020

Application for GATE 2020 must be submitted ONLINE (through GOAPS website, http://appsgate.iitd.ac.in) by paying the necessary application fee. For GATE 2020, all information related to the application process will be available on the GOAPS website. The photograph, signature, certificate of qualifying degree, category certificate (SC/ST/PwD) and/or Dyslexic certificates.

wherever applicable, must be uploaded during the online application. Candidates must enter the ID number specified in any one of the following IDs: Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, College ID, Employee ID, and Driving License. The candidates who do not possess any of these identity cards may please procure any one of them before making the application.

GATE Examination 2020: the application process

Candidates are discouraged from making an application through a third person. If someone else (friend or Internet café person) is filling the application on behalf of the candidate, the candidate must ensure that the data submitted are correct. Based on the earlier experiences, submission through a third person is highly discouraged to ensure an error-free application.

GATE Examination 2020 also provides an online interface to the candidate for interacting with the GATE administration. With this interface, a candidate can: Apply for the examination.

  1. Upload photograph, signature and other documents like qualifying degree certificate/ Certificate from the Head of the Department/Institute (in the format given in Appendix A) and category certificate (SC/ST/PwD) and/or Dyslexic certificate as applicable.
  2. Pay the application fee through any of the electronic payment modes.
  3. Check the Status of the application form: Received, Under scrutiny, Accepted, Defect status, Status after rectification, Rejected with valid reasons, Admit Card ready for download, etc.
  4. Download Admit Card.
  5. View his/her answers, marks and GATE score.
  6. Download the GATE scorecard.
How to apply GATE Examination 2020
How to apply GATE Examination 2020

IIT/IISc is given step by step filling GATE Examination 2020 form:

Step- 1: Registration

  1. A candidate must first register by providing Full Name (as per the
  2. qualifying degree certificate), a valid e-mail address, mobile number and choose a password.
  3. All communications from the GATE Offices will be sent to this e-mail address (ONLY ONE
  4. PERSON CAN REGISTER WITH ONE e-mail ADDRESS). Give the personal mobile number and e-mail address, because most of the communication will be through e-mail and/or SMS.
  5. Each GATE Examination 2020 registered candidate will be provided with an Enrollment
  6. ID. Upon registration, an e-mail containing the GOAPS Enrollment ID will be sent to the candidate.
  7. This Enrollment ID will be the reference ID for all future communication.
  8. The candidate has to choose a password during Enrollment at GOAPS. This password must be remembered along with the GATE Examination 2020 Enrollment ID to login to GATE Examination 2020.
  9. It is strongly recommended to choose a password that cannot be guessed easily (it should not be the candidate’s name, date of birth, or some easily guessable string of numbers or letters like 12345 or ABCD).

Step- 2: Filling Application

After due registration, GATE 2020 application must be filled and submitted ONLINE only at the GATE Examination of 2020. Data Requirement for Filling the Application Form: The following data will be required while filling the form at GATE Examination 2020.

Personal information (name, date of birth, personal mobile number, parents’ name, parents’ mobile number, etc.). Please note that the name of the candidate in the application form must exactly be the same as that in the qualifying degree certificate or the certificate issued by the Head of the Department/Institute in which the candidate is pursuing his/her study. After name: Address for Communication (including PIN code):

  1. Eligibility degree details
  2. College name and address with PIN code
  3. GATE paper (subject)
  4. Choice of GATE examination cities
  5. A high-quality image of the candidate’s photograph conforming to the requirements specified.
  6. Good quality image of candidate’s signature conforming to the requirements specified Scanned copy of the Eligibility Certificate in pdf format (Degree Certificate or Provisional Certificate or Certificate from the Head of the Department/Institute.
  7. Scanned copy of the Category (SC/ST) certificate (if applicable) in pdf format.
  8. Scanned copy of the PwD certificate (if applicable) in pdf format.
  9. Scanned copy of Dyslexic Certificate (if applicable) in pdf format.
  10. Details of the valid Identity Document (ID)(The same ID, in original, should be carried to the examination hall).
  11. Net-banking/debit card/credit card details for fee payment.

About: filling the application form

The GATE Examination 2020 allows you to enter the data, save the partially filled form, logout, and resume filling the form by logging in again. The GOAPS portal is self-explanatory and userfriendly.

success ted
success ted

Additional help information required in filling various fields in the GATE Examination 2020 portal will also be made available.

Before proceeding to payment, the candidate is advised to view the filled-in application form by clicking the “Save and View Application” button. Please check carefully for any errors in the data entered in the application form.

Photograph and Signature Requirements: Photograph and Signature

The GATE Examination 2020 application requires that your photograph and signature are to be uploaded electronically at GOAPS. Uploading photographs and signature that does not meet the specifications can result in the disqualification of the application without any refund of the application fee.

Requirements: Photograph

  1. Please upload only a good quality photograph. The GATE scorecard will be printed with the photograph that you have submitted.
  2. The photograph must match with your appearance on the day of the examination.
  3. A passport size (3.5 cm Width × 4.5 cm Height) photograph of the face of the candidate is required for the application form.
  4. The photograph must be in COLOR and taken after 01 August 2019 in a professional studio. Photographs taken using a mobile phone and other self-composed portraits may result in rejection of the application.
  5. Request photo studio to provide the image of your photo in a JPEG format and also on a standard 3.5 cm × 4.5cm (Width × Height) print.
  6. The maximum size for JPEG can be 480×640 in pixels (0.3 Megapixel) (Request photo studio to reduce it to this resolution if it is higher). The minimum size for JPEG should be 240×320 pixels.
  7. The background of the photograph must be white or a light color.

Requirements: Signature

  1. Please draw a rectangular box of size 2 cm × 7 cm (Height × Width) on an A4 white paper.
  2. Sign with black or dark blue ink pen within this box. The size of the signature (Height × Width) should be at least 70~80% of the box size (preferred).
  3. The signature by any other person or in any other color (other than black and blue) will NOT be accepted.
  4. Only the JPEG image format will be accepted.
  5. The maximum image size for the signature can be160×560 in pixels.
  6. The minimum image size for the signature should be 80×280 in pixels.
  7. The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person.
  8. If the applicant’s signature, at the time of examination, does not match the signature on the Admit Card, the applicant will be disqualified.

GATE Examination 2020: Application Scrutiny and Rectification

All the applications submitted for the GATE 2020 examination will be scrutinized for the accuracy of the data, which includes uploading supporting documents, clarity of the photograph and signature. If everything is found to be in order, the application will be accepted.

GATE Examination 2020: Application Scrutiny and Rectification
GATE Examination 2020: Application Scrutiny and Rectification

Otherwise, defects in the application will be marked and intimated to the candidate for rectification, which needs to be carried out within a stipulated time. The status of the application and defects identified in the application will be intimated to the candidates by an e-mail and/or SMS.

The current status of an application will be updated after its receipt and scrutiny by the respective zonal GATE offices. The status of your application can be checked anytime by logging into GATE Examination 2020.

Candidates should act quickly in rectifying the defects in the application and definitely before the stipulated deadline. Failing to rectify the defects within the stipulated time can lead to the rejection of the application and no further communication will be entertained in this regard.

January 17, 2020

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