SAU 2020 Admit Card, Syllabus, & Result: PG Mathematics & Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics in SAU 2020 offers a 2-year M. Sc. In Applied Mathematics as well as a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. In M.Sc. Applied Mathematics students need to research core topics in Algebra and Analysis.

We bolster them in software by focusing on Analytical and Computational methods for differential and Integral equations, Numerical Analysis, Graph Theory and Networks, Optimization, Probability and Statistics, Topology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Financial Derivatives and Modelling.

The Department has its own state of the art Computational Laboratory that ensures a high quality of research work. The laboratory-based courses train students in application-oriented practical subjects.

Admit Card: SAU 2020

The admit card of Southern Asian University 2020 will probably be published in the very first week of April 2020.

To obtain the Southern Asian University 2020 acknowledge card, candidates will need to enter their user ID and date of arrival. The SAU 2020 admit card contains the examination details, candidate information, and the test center details.

Candidates must make sure that you check all of the information mentioned in the admit card before appearing for the entrance examination No candidates will obtain the South Asian University admit card 2020 by the article.

How to Download Admit Card: SAU 2020

  1. Visit the official link (the connection will be activated when the admit card will probably be released.
  2. Enter the user ID and date of birth.
  3. Enter the given below safety code and click on”Login”.
  4. The admit card of SAU 2020 will show up on the monitor.
  5. Download and take a printout of the admit card to appear in the entrance examination.
SAU 2020 Admit Card, Syllabus, & Result: PG Mathematics & Computer Science
SAU 2020 Admit Card, Syllabus, & Result: PG Mathematics & Computer Science

Exam Pattern: SAU 2020

Candidates should check the exam pattern of Southern Asian University 2020 to obtain a notion of the various characteristics of the exam. South Asian University 2020 exam pattern may change for different applications.

In accordance with the examination pattern of South Asian University 2020, there will be 100 Multiple Choice Questions on topics applicable to the topic of their choice. For each incorrect answer, a negative marking of 1/4 will be applicable. The comprehensive SAU 2020 exam pattern for all the courses is provided below.

Applied Mathematics

Duration2 hours
Number of Questions100
Part A40 MCQs
Topics for PArt ABasic Mathematics
Part B60 MCQs
Topics for Part BUndergraduate level Mathematics
Marks1 mark for every correct answer
Exam Pattern

Computer Science

Duration2 hours
Number of Questions100
Part A20 MCQs
Topics for Part AMathematical Statistics
Marks2 marks each
Part B60 MCQs
Topics for Part BComputer Sciences
Marks1 mark for every correct answer
Exam Pattern

Syllabus: SAU 2020

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Candidates may check the syllabus of this Southern Asian University 2020 entrance exam to check the subjects essential for the entrance exam. Given below are the topics covered in the SAU 2020 syllabus for all those courses offered by the college.

Calculus and Evaluation:

Limit, continuity, uniform continuity, and differentiability; Bolzano Weierstrass theorem; mean value theorems; tangents and ordinary; maxima and minima; theorems of integral calculus; sequences and series of functions; uniform convergence; power show; Riemann sums;

Riemann integration; definite and improper integrals; partial derivatives and Leibnitz theorem; total derivatives; Fourier series; functions of several variables; multiple integrals; Line; surface and volume integrals; theorems of Green; Stokes and Gauss; curl; divergence and gradient of both vectors.


Fundamental theory of matrices and determinants; classes and their basic properties; subgroups, normal subgroups, cyclic groups, permutation groups; Lagrange’s theorem; quotient groups; homomorphism of groups; isomorphism and correspondence theorems;

Rings; integral domains and domains; ring homomorphism and ideals; vector space, vector subspace, linear independence of vectors, basis and dimension of a vector space.

Differential Equations:

General and special solutions of ordinary differential equations (ODEs); creation of ODE; order, degree, and classification of ODEs; integrating factor and linear equations; first order and higher-level linear differential equations with constant coefficients; variation of the parameter;

The equation is reducible to linear form; linear and quasi-linear first-order partial differential equations (PDEs); Lagrange and Charpits techniques for the first-order PDE; overall options of higher-order PDEs with constant coefficients.

Numerical Analysis:

Computer arithmetic; machine computation; bisection, secant; Newton-Raphson and fixed-point iteration techniques for algebraic and transcendental equations; methods of linear equations:

Gauss elimination, LU decomposition, Gauss Jacobi and Gauss Siedal methods, condition number; Finite difference operators; Newton and Lagrange interpolation; least square approximation; numerical distinction; Trapezoidal and Simpsons integration methods.

For more information: Click here

Probability and Statistics:

Mean, median, mode and standard deviation; conditional probability; independent occasions; overall opportunities and Baye’s theorem; arbitrary factors; expectation, minutes generating purposes; density and distribution functions, conditional expectation.

Negative Marks for Incorrect Answers: If the answer given to any of the Multiple Choice Questions is incorrect, 1/4 of these marks assigned to that question is going to be deducted.

Result: SAU 2020

Result: SAU 2020
Result: SAU 2020

The outcomes of the South Asian University Entrance Test 2020 will be declared in the form of the choice list. South Asian University 2020 result will be declared at the third week of May 2020.

SAU result 2020 cites the title of the nation, roll number, name of this candidate, position, the title of this program and counseling date. Candidates that will qualify for the Southern Asian University admission exam for Ph.D. applications will need to look for the interview rounds.

How to Check SAU Result: SAU 2020

  1. Go to the official link (the link will be activated as soon as the outcome will be declared.
  2. Click “List of pro candidates being considered for entrance as a way of merit.
  3. Pick the class implemented.
  4. Click on”Get Result.
  5. The end result of South Asian University 2020 will appear on the monitor.

Tiebreaker of Result: SAU 2020

In case two or more candidates protected exactly the very same marks the following tie-breaker will be implemented to find out the final score.

  1. In case the entire score is a tie the candidate that scores higher marks in section B will be given preference.
  2. In case there’s a tie in the total score and Section B scores then the candidate who scores higher marks in part A will be put higher will be given preference.
  3. In case a tie still persists then the candidate’s age will be taken under consideration and also the senior offender will be given preference.

Counselling: SAU 2020

The counseling of South Asian University 2020 will be published in the fourth week of May 2020. Candidates that qualify for the SAU entrance test 2020 need to visit the South Asian University 2020 counseling for claiming their admission.

Candidates that will clear the South Asian University entrance examination can check their titles in the merit list published together with the result declaration. The entrance offers will be sent to the candidates by the last week of May 2020.

Candidates who will receive admission offers will have to produce all the needed documents.

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success ted
  1. Class 10 mark sheet.
  2. Class 12 mark sheet.
  3. Mark sheet of the qualifying examination.

Country-Wise Quota of Seats

CountriesSeats Percentage
Sri Lanka4%
Candidates outside SAARC regions10%
Country-Wise Quota of Seats

For more information visit official website: Click here

February 1, 2020

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